Coin Master- Login your account with Facebook


Are you looking for a game that you can play with your friends? If yes then here I will tell you the best game which you are able to play with friends. The name of the game is Coin Master which is developed by the famous studio Moon Active. The game is downloading by 10,000,000+ people in the all over the world via android device. In the game, purchasable items are starts with 10.00 rupees to 25,000 rupees per items.

How to play with friends-

When you open the game, then you have two options. The first one login with Facebook and the second is guest. With the help of Facebook, you are able to play with your friends. After login, your friend’s list shows into the game. This method will help you to play with your friends.

Benefits from the link with Facebook-

In Coin Master, many benefits are available to link with Facebook. Now we talk about those benefits of Facebook.

  1. Chat with friends-

When you connect the game with Facebook, then you can chat with your friends. It is the first and best benefit. This option makes your relationship strong with your friends. It is also the best way to connect with friends.

  1. Extra Spins-

If you are a beginner and first-time login to the game with Facebook, then you will get the 50 extra free spin. These spins are the parts of first-time login rewards. With the help of spins, you will get the lots of things.

  1. Extra coins-

You will also get the 100k coins as the bonus when you first-time login to the game.

  1. Save the process-

It is one of the best benefits via login with Facebook. It is useful to recover you all data related to the game.

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