Significant guide to play and win Choices Stories You Play game

Significant guide to play and win Choices Stories You Play game

Many mobile users would often like to play the different types of video games on their smart phone device visit itunes, it is very useful and memorable entertaining when you are choosing Choices Stories You Play game. It is one of the most popular and widely played video games having extraordinary game play and resources to the players. In order to make your game play too entertaining with the memorable game play experience, it is essential earning more numbers of keys and diamonds on your account. If you would want to earn more of these resources, it is better using the following guide suggested by the expert players of this story based video game.

Guide to earn more resources:

When it comes to the online based mobile video games, everything contains a chance of earning different resources which will help a player to move on the next levels or chapters of the game. In this Choices Stories You Play game, you have to earn hundreds of diamonds and also keys which will help your gaming progress with lots of successful winning chances. There are some of the special tips and guide recommended by the players to get keys and diamonds for completely free of cost with Choices Cheats 2018. These two resources are main currencies of this Choices Stories You Play but obtaining them is somewhat difficult to the beginners and also the experienced players. This is because they are only available in the limited quantity. For earning more numbers of keys and diamonds by beating your enemies in this game play, you just make use of the simple tips and tricks suggested by the specialists.

·         In order to read a particular chapter in this Choices Stories You Play game, you should have a key in hand. When you have only a minimum number of keys, you just need to earn them by waiting in your game play environment.

·         When a player has less than two keys in your gaming account, there is a timer which starts and you will get another key just after 3 hours.

·         If you don’t want to wait for 3 hours to obtain a single key, there is another option to purchase them by giving your real money. Then, you can read some number of gaming chapters in a day with the help of such keys.

·         The keys resources of this Choices Stories You Play game can as well as be earned as rewards by finishing the existing missions of the game.

Other tips to earn diamonds:

·         As fast as the players complete a specific story in this game, you will get diamonds to your account. It is one and only way to earn diamonds when you are playing honestly. But if you are playing a same story again, you will not able to earn the diamonds. In such situations, you can purchase diamonds by spending your real money.

·         These earned diamonds on your Choices Stories You Play gaming account can be used to unlock the premium stories for your successful gaming progress.

·         Similarly, you can use such diamonds to also unlock the fancy clothing for your different characters.

·         In order to purchase any outfit for your male or female character, you have to use 25 diamonds.

·         For returning to your ship, keeping ongoing adventure and etc, you should spend 20 diamonds.

For all these needs in your game play, it is better earning hundreds of diamonds with the help of the tips and tricks recommended by the proficient players of this Choices Stories You Play game play.

The concept of playing this Choices Stories You Play game is really fun and enjoyable but at the same time there are some difficulties in earning keys and diamonds on your gaming account. You don’t need to afraid of playing it when you are the beginners. You just use this simple guide and tips suggested here to easily play this story based game with more numbers of resources. This guide gives you the tips to earn both the diamonds and keys in only an authentic way for your unforgettable game play.