Star Girl Game of fabulous style


The game of Star Girl is meant primarily for girl players. As the name itself defines that the girls who have just reached to their adulthood want to look stunning and want to be famous and glamorous can make their dream come true with this game. Here they have to develop their own make ups styles, dressing sense and so on to look more modern and glamorous.

For new girl player the game offers Star Girl Hack tool to get whatever they want to have in their real life as well as in their virtual life. The game is basically based on fashion, beauty and glamour.

Be what you like to be

The girl players of this game can opt for the characters and occupation whatever they wish to be like singer, actress, and model and so on in various fields of life. The hard work in the game gets the player more cloth options to buy and choose from.

Date and meet with crushes

The player of Star Girl game can also fall in love with the favorite person and can have date with them and meet at the convenience of her time. Player can bring out the romantic person out and live in the paradise of romance.

Modern dresses to wear

The girl players of the game can delve into the world of unlimited fashion options with tons of cute and sexy dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, bags and purses and many more. The range of cloths and dresses is endless and countless and can be availed by Star Girl Hack tool too.

Contests of fashion and beauty

Girl players of the game can take part in the contests of beauty and fashion in the game which are held time to time. The top prizes of such contests can be obtained by taking part in world beauty and fashion contests. That’s why show off talent of perfect appearance.