Swetcoin – get health and money simultaneously

Swetcoin – get health and money simultaneously

Sweatcoin is a feature designed for all types of devices. It works basically on the steps taken by you outside of the house. When you walk or stroll out of your house you may not believe that your steps count starts and in this way you get paid for it. For your every 1000 steps you get Sweatcoin. These Sweatcoin are used for various other things such as you can pay your bill, or you can use them to buy anything which you find necessary.

Sweatcoin offers you digital game currency which is known as rewards and points. These points and rewards can be changed into money to buy necessary things and users may also able to use Sweatcoin Hack tool to earn more coins and money.

Social media – role of social media cannot be ignored to earn more points and rewards of this app. Users may share it on social networking sites such as Facebook pages. Users of this can also create Youtube channel to promote it and aware people about Sweatcoin. Sharing photos and inviting masses for commenting and taking part in it can also be the ways to earn points and rewards in bulk.

What not works here – this app has some drawbacks. These drawbacks are this does not count your steps on treadmills and on any kind of machine as well as in the four walls of house and office. You have to walk outside of the house. This Sweatcoin does not work too when user forgets his mobile device at home and goes out without it. But Sweatcoin Hack may be fruitful in that kind of situation to earn digital money.

What to do with electronic money – app user of Sweatcoin is able to use that electronic money for charity and voluntary work as well as for buying his desired things and to do his tasks. So, download and get benefited and improve health as well.