The Simpsons Tapped – know more about donuts and Conform-O-Meter


Playing the game size of 1.5 GB of The Simpsons Tapped provides lots of joy and fun to its player. The game is basically based on developing city and player tries to clear it at all cost. The citizens of the city are given some or the other kinds of duties or tasks to perform. The player of it gets a list of tasks as he or she taps on the screen. Thereafter, player has to tap 10 times on homer to get or unlock 10 free donuts and jebediah Statue. In case of lack of game donuts player can use The Simpsons Tapped Hack 2019 and keeps the ball rolling.

Tap fast on symbols XP/$ to collect money

When playing this game player gets lots of money and experience symbols and the game turns into fruitful. Here what player can do that is to tap on the only XP/ $ symbols rather than tapping on each symbol on the screen. As a result, player just has to hold on for 5 to 10 seconds and on the screen all the cash is ready to collect.

Suitable characters for different tasks

The player of the Simpsons Tapped should be familiar with the appropriate characters for different tasks to perform. Player of this game should analyze the character and the task and also notice that how long they take to finish the task and what kind of rewards are there for. For having more rewards and game currency in the account player must try The Simpsons Tapped Hack 2019 as well. Here in the game longer tasks of the game come with higher dollar and donut amount with.

But if you find yourself as an active user or player of the game then you should assign short task to your chosen characters. Sometimes, these small tasks can add up to a handsome amount of money in the form of donuts and cash. Donuts and cash help the player out to unlock new items of the game and complete objectives much easily and quickly.